Learn Why The Title Company Matters


Many first-time home buyers and sellers may not understand why the title company matters to the process. Their role is crucial to the success of the transaction and to prevent legal issues popping up down the road. One trustworthy local title company is the Alamo Title in Grapevine run by Christopher J. Everett, PC. We asked Christopher a few key questions to help give you a better understanding of how title companies help.

How do you explain the role of a title company to a first-time home buyer or seller?

We are the channel that helps get everyone to the closing table with the documents they need in place. The title office processes all the information that goes into buying or selling a house. Whether that is getting insurance, working with tax entities to determine taxes, etc. Then we work with the mortgage company (Brittany Wilson of Integrity Mortgage) and home warranty company when working with sellers.

Essentially, think of us as the conductor of the orchestra in the home-buying and selling process. Our job is always on-going. We make each transaction is clear and clean by making sure the seller has the authority they need. Another way to think about your title company is as glorified insurance agents. We issue a title policy to the bank. We ensure no one can come back and take the house because of ownership or interest in the property.

Why is the title company important to the home-buying and -selling processes?

We communicate and work well with all the parties. We keep the flow of information going. You will never get to the closing table if we don’t have all those puzzle pieces in place for you.

What’s one thing you wish people better understood about what you do?

I wish everybody could have a snapshot of the behind-the-scenes work we do. Buyers and sellers don’t see all the moving pieces that we take care of. It’s a tedious and lengthy process. We make sure there are no legal issues and that the sole individual will be able to fully own and enjoy their home. Purchasing the home is just the beginning.

Tell us more about you and your team.

title company matters

I have 4 escrow officers not counting myself. We have a collaborative environment at our office. Three team members are listed on every email. We all know what’s happening with every transaction.

I’ve been practicing law since 2004. I’ll be wrapping up 13th year in November. My first job out of law school was working for a lawyer who had two title offices. I also own rental properties and even had a real estate license at one point. I opened my own law firm in 2008, and secured my own title office in 2011. I also do probate guardianship and estate planning outside of the title company, making me well-versed in all things real estate!

Being part of the home-buying process is such an exciting time. We get to help people experience the joy of buying or selling their home. I love to be a part of those memories for people.