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Four Fort Worth Neighborhoods Millennials Love

Calling all millennials! D-FW is one of the top areas to be for growing a career or family. Many focus on Dallas, but Fort Worth is not to be neglected. With multiple neighborhoods in short driving distance from the recently re-vamped and popular downtown and affordable home prices. Fort Worth could be a high contender as the location of your first home. We've selected four of our favorite Fort Worth neighborhoods that fit a typical millennial's budget and interests.

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The Difference a Cover Letter Makes

Nail & Key co-founder Davis Scott shared his letter strategy with me and even sent us a template. Submitting the “letter” with your offer will humanize the offer process. People have connections to their homes. They are a tangible representation of a family. You can't get much more personal than that. The “letter” embraces that.

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Buying AdviceAmber Cassady
Learn Why The Title Company Matters

Many first-time home buyers and sellers may not understand why the title company matters to the process. Their role is crucial to the success of the transaction and to prevent legal issues popping up down the road. Our trusted local title company is the Alamo Title in Grapevine run by Christopher J. Everett, PC. We asked Christopher a few key questions to help give you a better understanding of how title companies help.

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Home Inspections: Setting the Right Expectations

The responsibilities of homeownership aren’t always glamorous. Our job as agents is to discover the condition of the house so we know what we’re getting into. However, getting out of the option period and into your new home hinges upon realistic home inspection expectations. It’s important to keep the below factors in mind when it comes to your home inspections.

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Grandma's Home-Buying Advice

Buying a home, especially your first home can be overwhelming. It is easy to catch the home-buying bug, but not nearly as easy to determine whether you should actually pursue your home ownership dreams. After you have decided to purchase, it’s a whole new mountain to climb in figuring out the process and trying to make good choices. Here are tips that I pass on to you from my parents, grandparents, and mentors.

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