Pro Tips For Summer Showings

Trying to sell your home this summer? Staging expert, Anne Nowak, is here to help. When you use the season to your advantage, you can have successful summer showings that will have buyers making offers in no time.


Use Anne's pro tips to beat the heat with summer showings:

1.Call a pro.  It’s a good idea in general to get a seasonal tune up on your HVAC system twice per year but its even more important in the Texas heat! This visit (which could even be covered on your home warranty!) will ensure that your AC is in ship shape not just for showings but you’ll also be prepared for the dreaded inspection! Its important to keep your home cool but not cold for showings.  Temperature preferences are highly personal and can evoke reactions in buyers.  A home that’s too cold can seem sterile, too formal, and can easily make a buyer feel uncomfortable and rush through a showing.  A home that’s too warm can turn people away by making them think they’re in for a large investment in faulty HVAC equipment.

2. Offer water. Having several bottles out for buyers is a nice touch that will make them feel welcome, important, and of course, hydrated! Small 6 - 8 oz. bottles are perfect for this. You can even tie on a business card. Add some to a beautiful ice bucket and you’ve got a ready-made and functional statement piece!

3. Summer blooms. Summer is the time to harvest blooms from your own yard! Small roses, hydrangeas and gardenias are beautiful in bud vases. Crepe myrtle branches, Magnolia stems, and even boxwood branches look beautiful in traditional vases. If you don’t have access to your own blooms, your local grocery store should have a good variety. Just stick to the same hue for harmony. Fresh flowers add life to a room... literally!

4. Outdoor living.  A 3-5 piece conversation area, a casually styled dining table, or classic adirondack chairs create welcoming spaces for buyers to imagine themselves in.  If you have a pool, get that baby sparkling! Add some chaise loungers for buyers to get the full effect of what lazy summer days by their new pool will be like! Be sure to spray for mosquitos and get that grass as green as possible.

5. Make the most of long days.  Extra sunlight means extra showings. Summer listings have the edge of showing well into the evening hours while taking advantage of sunlight. Natural light is always your friend so open up all the blinds right before showings (ALL the way) and brighten up your space with the summer sun!

Anne and the team at Nail & Key are ready to help you sell your home quickly and for top-dollar, no matter what season it is! When you choose to sell your home with Nail & Key, you get Anne's expertise staging your home at no extra cost to you. In addition to helping your buyer find their new home, you'll be helping serve people affected by homelessness. We donate 10% of all commissions to Prodigal Projects which aims to provide community, dignity, and great food to those experiencing homelessness in DFW. Contact Nail & Key today whether you're ready to sell your home now or will sometime in the future. We can't wait to serve you!