Expert Staging for Faster Selling


FREE Expert Staging for Faster Selling

When you sell your home with Nail & Key, our home-staging professional, Anne Nowak, prepares your home to sell quickly and at top-dollar at absolutely no cost to you! It’s like having your own personal Joanna Gaines to help put your home’s “best foot forward” before listing. Homes staged prior to listing sell 79 PERCENT FASTER than those staged some time after being listed. And the faster your home sells, the higher price you’ll get for it. Having Anne on your team is literally a game-changer.

Anne’s Proven Process

Anne helps buyers imagine living within a property by drawing attention to the best features and detracting from less appealing areas. She does this by eliminating distractions that are perfectly logical aspects of daily life but simply aren’t appealing. This can be done in a variety of ways that are customized to each property’s space and budget. Using her skill-set derived from an education in design and extensive experience in staging and organization, Anne creates a plan to prepare every inch of your home to sell as quickly and for top-dollar.

If you’re short on time, Anne can provide a full-service package and executes staging recommendations with her team for a quick turn-around.

Sometimes staging recommendations can seem overwhelming and can take more than one day to complete, especially if they involve painting.  Anne stays personally involved in the process from start to finish and will work together with you to create a no-surprises game plan to put you at ease.

Once staging is complete, Anne is also present when listing photos are being taken.  She then makes any adjustments in real-time for the best-possible photos of your home.

Anne’s Pro Tips to Prepare to Sell →

1. Quiet the chaos! You’ve heard it before but the fastest, easiest way to stage any area in your home is DECLUTTER. Get a jump-start on packing and box away all your personal photos, toss or file any lingering paperwork, organize and store your extra electronics, store countertop appliances and cookbooks and don’t keep items that you don’t use or wear. Filling a tote with those items is quick and simple. It does wonders for impressing potential buyers.

2. Cleanliness is next to godliness.  There is no shame in hiring professionals for this job! Gleaming windows, polished appliances, dust free surfaces and sparkling floors show pride in ownership and are attractive to buyers. Roll up your sleeves or hire some help on this one, it’s a must!

3. Curb Appeal. The front of the house is your first opportunity to impress! Snag buyers’ interest by making your yard kept and tidy. Potted or hanging plants, weeded flower beds, and fresh mulch are easy, low-cost additions. Fresh paint on a front door, a new doormat and a clear pathway entices buyers to come in and see what else awaits. Park your cars at a neighbor’s and clear the trash bins out of sight.

4. It’s the little things.  Buyers will open your cabinets, closets and possibly even your fridge if you plan to leave it. Picture a dishware display at Crate and Barrel or how it feels to open the closet at a fancy hotel and try to mimic these designs and emotions for buyers. Pet hair and smells can be difficult to keep a handle on. Consider keeping your pet at Grandma’s temporarily to give buyers a distraction-free showing. Last but not least, fresh-cut flowers of the same hue, fluffy white towels and throw pillows make a space feel luxurious yet homey.

More About Anne

Anne’s design career is the serendipitous result of multiple moves over the years due to her husband’s career needs. Each move presented itself as a new adventure in the design process--big and small renovations, staging for fast sales and always staying organized. These skills naturally evolved from an advantageous hobby to a full-blown passion. Following design school, Anne launched her company Scotch House Interiors in 2017 and is honored to have the opportunity to do what she loves while helping others. Anne is a Canadian transplant grateful to be making a life here in DFW with her husband and two small boys.

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