Home Inspections: Setting the Right Expectations


Keep these 7 tips in mind...

The responsibilities of homeownership aren’t always glamorous. Our job as agents is to discover the condition of the house so we know what we’re getting into. However, getting out of the option period and into your new home hinges upon realistic home inspection expectations. It's important to keep the below factors in mind when it comes to your home inspections:

The inspection IS:

  • A 3-hour, non-invasive, wellness-check on the house.
    • A chance to discover major flaws with the house and negotiate repairs.
  • Going to reveal the imperfections of the house. Trust us. No house is perfect.
  • Optional. While risky, an offer without an option period looks strong to sellers.

The inspection ISN’T:

  • An excuse to make a laundry list of repairs for the seller.
  • Performed by a professional in every field.
  • The time to expect a 1960’s home to have the bones of a newer home.

The inspection tour has the potential to be a bit of a whirlwind. This is when having an experienced agent representing you really pays off. Don’t be afraid to trust your agent during this time. We see a lot of houses and inspections and it’s our job to interpret the inspection report for you.

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- The Nail & Key Team