When Home-Buying Dreams Become Reality


David and Yessica Carlos began looking into buying their first house seven years ago. However, they realized it was not financially possible at that time. They needed to wait, save, and plan. David, the General Manager of Mercat Bistro in Dallas, and Yessica, International Records Specialist at Southern Methodist University, worked hard over the years to become home-buyers. In November 2016, after diligently saving funds and improving their credit score, the Carlos family was finally ready to get serious about their dream of owning their own home. The hunt for a realtor and lender began.

The couple was dissatisfied with other realtors. After being shown houses that did not fit their taste and in areas they did not want to live, it seemed as if the other realtors were not listening and that they were just another transaction. Several lenders offered them detrimental loans and could not give them the necessary attention to walk the couple through the loan process.

Frustrated and discouraged, David and Yessica began wondering if they would ever be able to find the right home for them and their three young children (Alexis, 11, Freida,  9, Isaac, 1.5). Would their kids have any memories of growing up in a house they could call their own? Maybe their home-buying dreams would never become reality.

Just when they were ready to give up, Yessica’s mother heard about Nail & Key through her employer and gave the business card to David. The card sat in a drawer for a couple weeks until Yessica reminded David. He texted the Nail & Key team and was able to quickly set up an appointment with Davis Scott.

“After the initial appointment, I knew right away,” said David. “Davis was so plugged in and dedicated and actually paid attention to what I was saying. I went home and told Yessica she would love him.” And she did.

Davis began to immediately get to work on understanding the Carlos’ desires for a home. David and Yessica appreciated how Davis adjusted according to their specific needs and readily addressed any concerns or questions.

“What looked impossible for us finally came together. We had almost given up but when we met the Nail & Key team there was hope for finding our home. They really looked out for our best interest. I will never forget it. They were honest the whole way and told us if a home wasn’t good for us.”

Nail & Key’s trusted local lender, Brittany Wilson of Integrity Mortgage, started working closely with the Carlos’ right away to find a loan that would work best. She stayed heavily involved through every step, playing a crucial role throughout the process. Brittany helped them avoid potential obstacles and stay on track to be home owners as soon as possible.


“Brittany was crying with us when we closed. What kind of person does that? I could not have asked for a better realtor or a better lender,” said Yessica. “I loved them all. They really care about our family.”

Davis impressed the Carlos family when he researched the crime rate in a certain neighborhood to help them make a more informed decision and avoid moving to an unsafe area. Davis diligently helped them narrow their options until they found a new community that felt just right.


“My friends had a very cold process with home buying,” pointed out Yessica. “With the team at Nail & Key, we gained friends in our realtors, our lender, and the home buyers.”

When the family came across Travis Ranch between Heath and Forney, they liked the diversity and quickly fell in love with the community. Davis booked three appointments. He arrived at the first house before David and Yessica. He excitedly greeted them when they arrived and felt like this was the home for the Carlos crew. Davis was right.

“We were blown away when we walked in. The huge backyard was great. It was the first home we placed an offer on.”

Davis submitted paperwork on Friday. He then asked for a photo for a note he was sending to the sellers. The next day, the sellers accepted their offer over several other offers. This home was meant for the Carlos family.

The Carlos’ happily moved into their new home and their children already love it--mom and dad do too. “Our favorite parts of the house are the living room and kitchen. It’s big and open. We are very family oriented and spend a lot of time in those areas. This gives us a place to hang out together and play with the kids,” says David.

“When we closed on our home, we just cried,” reminisces Yessica, “We were so emotional and grateful. This is happening for our kids and our baby is never going to know what it was to live in an apartment. This is where we will build memories as a family. It’s really special and a dream come true.

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