What's the Deal With Flat Fee Brokers?

We've been getting questions about working with flat fee brokers to sell your home. We sat down to make a Real Estate Minute for you on the topic.

Here is what a flat fee broker does and what they don't do:

A flat fee broker DOES...

  • Work with you for a flat rate.
  • The flat fee ranges from $500-$5,000.
  • List your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).
  • Professional photography (in some cases).
  • Professional home staging (rarely).
  • Host Open House (rarely).

A flat fee broker DOES NOT...

  • Actively sell your home.
  • Net you the most money possible.
  • Guarantee extra services like professional photography and staging.
  • Provide a team of professionals working on your behalf.
  • Donate a portion of the commission to help families in need.

The above services typically are only offered by great traditional omission-based realtors. While the flat fee may be enticing, most of the time you'll actually loose more money because your home will sit on the market for longer and it will not be presented in such a way that will get you top-dollar for your home. Majority of the time you will get much more for your home with a traditional, experienced realtor.

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