Use These Four #ProTips to Stage Your Home


Rebecca Rehling

Transaction Coordinator/Home Stager

Our home stager/transaction coordinator extraordinaire, Rebecca Rehling, shares four #protips for staging your home to sell for top-dollar. When you sell your home with Nail & Key Real Estate Group, you receive a free home staging consultation by Rebecca!

Get started with her tips below:

1. Declutter, declutter, declutter.

I cannot stress this one enough. It’s seems like common sense that the less you have to work with, the easier it is to not only keep your home clean during open houses, showings, etc. but also the less you need to keep up with come move-out time. I like to call this step in the process “pre-packing.” Though it might be hard to do a deep decluttering of your home, we all know how houses just seem to collect stuff over time. Think of it as getting a jump start on packing up to move out.

2. De-personalize.

While we know that you’ve probably spent a great deal of time making your house your own, it’s difficult for a potential buyer to come into a space and picture themselves living there when there are pictures of your friends and family around the house. A great rule of thumb is to de-personalize your space. Pack away your family vacation pictures, soccer trophies, ribbons, and sentimental stuffed animals…just for the time being!

3. Fix what needs fixing.

Now we’re not talking about those big expense projects you’ve been putting off…we’re talking about burnt out light bulbs, paint touch-ups, loose floor boards, etc. We want the home to appear well-loved and cared for!


Good smells trigger good memories!

Good smells trigger good memories!

4. Good smells trigger good memories.

You know how they always say that good smells trigger good memories for some people? We definitely use this to our advantage while staging a home. We like to light a candle (or run the diffuser) with a fresh, calming smell like lavender to put potential buyers at ease while walking through your home. Match the candle or oil with the season. We’re feeling fall right now, so how about pumpkin spice or hot apple cider? Fresh flowers give the space a welcoming and positive vibe and smell wonderful!

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Until next time!