Use These Packing Pro Tips For a Happy Moving Day

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Our staging expert, Anne Nowak, knows moving. After many times moving herself, she's gotten the art of packing down to a science. Benefit from her packing pro tips to make your moving day a happy one. 3 Key Steps Before Moving Day →

  1. PURGE!! - If you aren’t taking regular inventory and routinely minimizing the  items you accumulate in your home then purging before a move is a necessity.  Asking yourself if particular items bring you joy or have value is a great way to start sorting keep/sell/donate/trash piles. Remember, you’ve got to PAY to move it so ask yourself if it’s worth it!
  2. Organize. - Organizing everything you have before you move simplifies this daunting transition. So many people wait to move to organize. This can create anticipatory anxiety and prevent you from enjoying your new space! Once you’ve purged, organizing will be much less daunting.
  3. Pack EARLY. - Don’t wait until the movers show up to frantically throw your bathroom in boxes.  Moving day is hectic chaos even for the most organized movers. Non-essentials can be packed away months in advance! Décor, personal pictures, infrequently used dishes, and countertop appliances can make a space feel cluttered when showing so get these items boxed up early. Go room by room and make attainable goals for yourself like, “I will have the linen closet packed by 10:00 a.m.” If the idea of packing completely overwhelms you, consider hiring it out. Most moving companies also pack for a fee.

Packing Pro Tips →

  • Be consistent in the size and shape of your boxes makes for easy stacking and arranging.
  • Avoid packing with newspaper. It can leave smudges so use butcher paper or get creative! Blankets and throw pillows, even dish and regular towels are great cushion for breakables.
  • Color code each box to the room it goes to.  You can buy colored sticker dots or labels specifically for packing but this will make unpacking super efficient. Make yourself a master sheet with a key as soon as you get started so you don’t get mixed up.
  • Provide the movers with copies of a furniture-labeled floor plan as a point of reference. Tape the plan on a main wall as well. They will think you are crazy at first, but by the end they’ll be thanking you for having a clear game plan and not making them move your Great Aunt’s credenza up and down the stairs, twice. Having a plan saves you money if your movers charge by the hour!
  • Arrive at the new place BEFORE the movers.
  • Be a bit bossy.  You’ll be giving directions fast and in a hurry as they come in one after the other asking where to go. Taping up signs on doors/entryways that coordinate to your color codes is also a great strategy for a smooth and efficient move. There is nothing worse than realizing all your kitchen boxes have been accidently placed upstairs AFTER the movers leave.
  • Put together "first night" kits or suitcases, and make sure these are the last items on the truck or transport them personally. These should contain a few outfit changes, bedding and towels, toiletries, prescriptions, paper and quick cleaning products, like Clorox wipes.
  • Save your receipts. Moving expenses are tax deductible! Save your receipts and contracts in a “moving folder” and save some money come April!
  • Photo document the condition of your furniture. If something gets damaged or broken, there will be no questions when claims are filed.
  • Find out how many guys are on your crew ahead of time. Buy them some coffee and lunch if they are there all day. These guys work HARD and unfortunately, aren’t always treated well by the stressed out people moving. The crew is likely anticipating this, so starting their day off on a good note would surely make their day! They are likely to take extra care with your items and possibly even help you with other things (putting furniture back together, etc) if they’ve been treated with respect and kindness.


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