Meet the Team: Joshua Sulak


Get to know...

Joshua Sulak

Attention! We've got a new Buyer's Agent, y'all. We're so excited to welcome Joshua Sulak to Nail & Key Real Estate Group. 

We know you will love him as much as we do. As our tradition goes when we welcome a new team member, we like to tell you a little more about them. So, here are some "essentials" Josh shared with us -

"1. I once played a game of Axis and Allies that lasted for 12 hours.
2. The year I spent in Minnesota with six other Texans in the winter almost never got colder than 15 degrees outside. Coincidence? I think not.
3. After much time, reflection, and consultation, I decided against the seemingly natural fit of the career of a the age of 13.
4. I'm a much bigger WWE fan at heart than I would like to admit to most people.
5. I like to imagine myself coming into situations with the fanfare of NFL Films music behind me...most notably: Ramblin' man from Gramblin', A golden boy again, Steelmen, or The Raiders."

Our team just keeps growing thanks to all of you! Join us in giving Josh a warm Nail & Key family welcome. :D