How to Overcome Design Paralysis


 If you've just moved into a new home and are furnishing entire rooms/houses, you may have no idea where or how to start. Pinterest has so many ideas, but just ends up leaving you feeling paralyzed. We asked our design expert Anne Nowak how to overcome design paralysis and actually get started. Here is her smart game plan: 

  • Get Inspired: The first step to any design project is sourcing inspiration. Before you dive headfirst into Pinterest, take a step back and really think about the actual function of the space. If you’re not sure what your style is, do some research on design styles early on. Use what you learn about your likes and dislikes to guide your search for products that will compliment your tastes and lifestyle.


  • Make a plan: Many clients call me and have already started making purchases impulsively through out the entire home. Avoid internet and sale-driven spontaneity. They usually end up in mistakes. After your concept of style for your space is established, then start considering your floor plan options for one room at a time. The best time to plan a layout is before you’ve made any purchases–this is your opportunity to explore if you really want a sectional, or if a sofa will work better and leave room for the leather arm chair and bar cart you’ve always dreamed about. Using a scale floor plan is the most precise way to arrange a layout but you can always use painters’ tape and tape out the dimensions of potential furniture in the actual room.


  • Build a Foundation:  Now that you have an ideal floor plan and an intentional approach to your style, you can start to look for the specific pieces that fit (physically and aesthetically) into your plan. Layering in accent furniture and accessories is best to complete after larger items have been selected since size and proportion should be taken into consideration.


  • Call in the pros (or a friend):  Whether you are ready to unload the entire project or are just stuck on smaller snags like finding the right window treatments or the right rug, hiring a designer (or calling a stylish friend for a fresh set of eyes) can be the key to unlocking your homes potential. Designers typically charge by the hour so asking for an estimate of their fees (compared with your needs) upfront can help ease the sticker shock.  Sometimes all you need are a few hours of a designers’ time to go shopping together so you get the perfect accessories to complete your look! If you’re stuck, don’t be afraid to call for help...

Stay tuned for part 2 coming soon!

By the way, when you sell your home with Nail & Key, you get a free two-hour consultation with Anne about staging your home to get top-dollar and decrease time on the market.