Empower People Affected by Homelessness

The "Why" Behind Nail & Key...


Nail and Key exists to alleviate those experiencing homelessness in our community by providing world-class real estate services.

There are more than 4,100 people sleeping on the streets any given night in Dallas alone based on a count done in January 2018, according to Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance. This is why we chose to start Prodigal Projects to help be a part of the solution. We donate 10% of our commissions to Prodigal Projects to promote dignity, cultivate community, and provide great food to the chronically homeless population in DFW.

“Nail & Key is dedicated to serving the homeless through their work, which we need many more corporations to do. We need as much community support as possible to keep serving families. Their leadership role in addressing this issue as a real estate group is significant.” - Ellen Magnis, Family Gateway CEO
Volunteers pictured (left to right): Jaehee Hwang, Tricia Plumb, Shaian D'costa, Jason Hong

Volunteers pictured (left to right): Jaehee Hwang, Tricia Plumb, Shaian D'costa, Jason Hong

More About Prodigal Projects

We serve high-quality food, cultivate community, and promote dignity to our brothers and sisters experiencing homelessness in DFW.


Feast Day

Those experiencing homelessness deserve a place of dignity where they can find a loving community and gather around a good meal. Each "Feast Day" serves as a connecting point...we serve, we share a meal, and we pray...all together. So please join us as we travel downtown to OurCalling, and serve our friends in a meaningful and inspiring way. Watch the Feast Day video below:


Get Involved

When you choose to work with Nail & Key Real Estate Group, we give 10% of our commissions to Prodigal Projects. You can also get involved at Prodigal Projects by volunteering your time at one of our Feast Days, starting a chapter at your church or parish, organize a donation drive, cook/serve a meal, and much more! To learn more or sign up for the Prodigal Projects Newsletter, visit ProdigalProjects.com.