Empower Families Affected by Homelessness


The "Why" Behind Nail & Key...

Nail and Key exists to help end family homelessness in our community by providing world-class real estate services.

Dallas ISD recently identified 3,700 homeless students throughout the district. Because homeless families are often more hidden than those homeless on the streets, it can be easy to forget that they exist and need help. This is why we chose to partner with our friends at Family Gateway to help be a part of the solution. We donate 10% of our commissions to help continue their life-changing work.

More About Family Gateway

Family Gateway provides stability and life-changing supportive services to children and families affected by homelessness.Most other organizations supporting the homeless are directed toward individuals and veterans.

Typically when a family is homeless, they will move from sofa to sofa or stay in a hotel. It’s rare to find them literally on the street. On average, Family Gateway receives 600 calls a month for services.

Family Gateway is intentionally flexible with the definition of “family” in order to serve the most families in need. Family Gateway keeps family units together–grandmother/grandchild, single mother/child, a father with a child, a married couple with child–all are welcome.

Family Gateway emphasizes their service to children. The experience of homelessness is traumatizing for children and puts them developmentally behind their peers. Family Gateway starts by assessing each child’s developmental ability to create a strategy for their education. Enrollment in a daycare, preschool, or school is prioritized. The stable environment and individual attention creates significant positive growth for each child.

“Nail & Key is dedicated to serving Family Gatway's mission through their work, which we need many more corporations to do. We need as much community support as possible to keep serving families. Their leadership role in addressing this issue as a real estate group is significant.” - Ellen Magnis, Family Gateway CEO

 Nail & Key Team with Family Gateway Staff

Nail & Key Team with Family Gateway Staff

Get Involved

When you choose to work with Nail & Key, we give 10% of our commissions to Family Gateway. You can also get involved at Family Gateway by volunteering your time to plan activities for or tutor children, “adopt a room” by furnishing it for a new family, organize a donation drive, cook/serve a meal, and much more! To learn more, visit FamilyGateway.org.